With Graham Foster & your AFJ

With Graham Foster & your AFJ

With Graham & your refinish AFJ

With David Rossi & Jaime in GuitarDay - 2009

With Carlos Gonzales, Isaac y Chico (Grupo Apache)

With David, Jaime y Javier in GuitarDay - 2010

With Javier Castillo & your AFJ

With Horst (engl)

With Jorge D'Amico

With José Rubio and your AFJ

With José Vera

With José Vera & Juanjo Melero

With Michael Tobias

With Paul Red Smith (2009)

With Vincent Pérez

With Joaquin Castillo & your AFJ

Dieter Golsdorf & Pablo Kahayan

With José Torrelo & your AFJ

Helio in workshop

Javier Schoendorff

José de Castro

With Javi Arpa & José Torrelo

With Jaime & Jose

Javier Arpa in Guitar Day

Buy wood in Frankfurt

With David Rossi in Frankfurt

José de Castro with your first AFJ

With George Benson

With Bernd Aufermann Frankfurt

Carlos Goñi with your AFJ in live

Carlos Goñi in live

Carlos Goñi in live

With Alberto Barrero

With Alberto Barrero and his AFJs