Lindy Fralin pickups

We have in stock a wide range of Fralin pickups, both single-coil, and Humbuckers:

  • Single coil pickups: Vintage Hot, Real 54's, Blues Special, Blues Special + 7%, High Output, Steel Poled 42 y 43 (by request).
  • Sets Tele: Standard, Blues, High output (+10% ó +15%), Steel Poled 42 y 43 (by request).
  • Humbuckers: de 7.5, 8, 8.5, 9 or 9.5 K, (black, White or Zebra).
  • P-90
  • Jazz-Bass y P-Bass.

Strats pickups

A stronger pickup will make your treble strings sound better but your wound strings will get farther from the Fender twang. (Thicker and darker, see image below). The first five models use ALNICO V magnets (except Real 54's) in either stock or hybrid stagger (hybrid stagger is for necks with flatter than 10” radius).

We also have ALNICO III rod magnets which are 5% brighter and have 5% more lower mids. The Real 54's use six ALNICO III’s. The Steel Poled replacement for Strat® are built with steel pole pieces (screws) and bar magnets underneath for 20% and 25% over stock output.

All of our Strat replacement pickups come with reverse wound middle pickups for hum canceling in the #2 and #4 positions. A reverse bridge or reverse neck is available upon request.

An optional Blender Pot is available to add to the versatility of your instrument, mixing the neck and bridge pickups. A Bass Plate is an option for the bridge position on ALNICO poled pickups which will give you 10% more bass without affecting the mids or highs.

  • Vintage Hot: This set is wound with 42 gauge Heavy Formvar wire and has beveled magnets and cloth leads. The neck and middle pickups are average 50’s specs, while the bridge is as hot as possible with this wire. Neck - 6 K, Reverse Middle - 6 K, Bridge - 6.6K
  • Real 54's: This set is a “Vintage Hot” wind on beveled ALNICO III magnets - the same magnet material Fender used in ‘54 Strats. Neck - 6 K, Reverse Middle - 6 K, Bridge - 6.6K
  • Blues Special: This set is wound with 42 SPN and has 5% more turns than the Vintage Hot. This makes it a 5% stronger pickup. It will have 5% more mids and 5% less high end. It is ideal for a stock sound with just enough thickness for single note soloing. Neck - 6,2 K, Reverse Middle - 6,2 K, Bridge - 7K
  • High Output: This set uses 43 gauge wire and is over wound either 10% or 15% for a stronger, slightly darker sound.

Tele pickups

Our Tele® replacement pickups are a reproduction of the 50’s style using black fiberboard bobbin parts, cloth leads, ALNICO V or ALNICO III magnets, or 1/2 & 1/2. (ALNICO III’s were used in some pre-’55 Fender Telecasters.)

On 1/2 & 1/2 pickups, we put the ALNICO III magnets in the E, A & G position and the ALNICO V magnets in the D, B & high E.

Tele® Replacement Style Bridges are offered in three magnet staggers and a Steel Poled version. The three stagger styles are flat poles (Broadcaster), flat with a raised D magnet (Hybrid), and stock stagger.

  • Neck stock: Wound to 7 K with 43 gauge Plain Enamel wire. Bright, clear and classic. Comes with chrome cover. Hybrid magnets (an extended D pole out the bottom) are available. This pickup can also be overwound 2% overstock. We don't recommend anything hotter with a cover on it. NOTE: Both the metal cover and over winding make the pickup darker in tone, so covers are available only on our stock neck for Teles.
  • Neck Blues Special: Wound to 7K with staggered magnets and 5% more turns. This pickup is bright and strong.
  • Bridge stock: Tele Replacement Style Bridges are offered in three magnet staggers and a Steel Poled version. The three stagger styles are flat poles (Broadcaster), flat with a raised D magnet (Hybrid), and stock stagger.
  • Bridge Blues Special: Wound with 42 gauge Polynylon to 7K for 5% more power and 5% darker than stock sound.


Gibson’s classic double coil pickup. The coils are in phase to a guitar amp, but out of phase to the "hum" in the air. We offer this pickup in Zebra (one black coil and one cream coil) or Double Black. Other options include coil tap or Gibson style braided shield wire. All of our humbuckers are wound with 42 Plain Enamel like the old PAF style humbuckers. Available in outputs of: 7.5K, 8K, 8.5K, 9K, 9.5K & 10K

We recommend a stronger bridge. (i.e. 8 K neck, 9 K bridge). Our coil tap models are designed to be hum canceling when the tapped humbucker is combined with a Strat reverse middle. (Humb-Single-Humb or Single-Single-Humb). If you want to have a phase reversal switch, you can reverse white and black.

  • Pure PAF: Introducing the "Pure PAF". This is my favorite humbucker. We wind these to 7.5k in the neck position and 8k in the bridge. We hand-weaken the magnets to soften the treble and smooth the grind. They are clean and articulate with very good note separation. The parts used look like real PAFs and the tone is as close as we can get. These are not recommended for guitars where a coil-tap is needed.
  • Split-Singles - P-92s & Twangmasters These are humbuckers in size and shape, and they are quiet, but the sound is pure single coil. The "P-92" (has adjustable pole pieces) is fat but still has clear, bright wound strings. The "Twangmaster" (has non-adjustable pole pieces) is even clearer with the sound you would expect from ALNICO V rods. They are available with 8,000 to 11,000 turns. (in my guitar I have 8,000 and 9,200 neck and bridge) The covers are solid nickel-silver finished in Nickel, Gold and Black. Note: Covers are required.
  • Unbucker:n our Unbucker, we wind the screw coil stronger than the slug coil. This makes the pickup sound a little more single coil, but the best reason to do this is for coil tapping. When tapped the stronger coil is active as opposed to half a pickup. Our best selling set of these is 7.5K neck (4.5-3) and 8.5 Bridge (5-3.5) 3 conductor lead with a Vintage Hot reverse middle in-between. (Humb.-single-Humb.). Combining the two coils gives a total ohm reading or approximate output to compare to normal humbuckers.
  • High Output Humbucker: More power, Longer sustain and Faster grind. Wound with 43 gauge wire from 12.5K to 13.5K with ALNICO IV magnets. This set taps very well, and also tolerates being turned down on the volume control.


Gibson’s classic single coil is known for big mid-range when used clean, and chainsaw grind when pushing an amp hard.

This pickup comes with adjustable poles, ALNICO bar magnets and a choice of covers: Soapbar or Dogear, Black or Cream.

You also have a choice of Gibson style braided leads or two conductor shielded leads for versatility. Wound with 42 Plain Enamel wire to specs, from 20% under to 10% over. (Because stock P-90’s have 10,000 turns we use the number of turns instead of an ohm reading for model options. We also recommend 10%-15% difference between neck and bridge.) My own ES125 has 15% under neck and stock bridge. Our P-90 set has a reverse wound bridge for hum canceling when two pickups are on.

We now offer the Short P-90 dogear. This will fit 330's, 125's from the 50s and the metal covered P90's on Epiphones. Available in either single coil or the hum-canceling versions.

Humcancelling P90: This 2 coil pickup has the big midrange and the bright wound strings of the original P-90's. The stock set sounds the most like real "50's" P-90's. 5% under makes a very clean set and the 5% over makes a darker set. All sets come with a 10% cleaner Neck pickup. (Our favorite is the "Stock" set). The Hum-Canceling P-90 can also be made with ALNICO rods for a loud but clean sound.

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