The current catalog of Suhr Guitars offers a choice of four different models for their Custom guitars. These models are: Modern, Standard, Classic and Classic T. All models are customizable in terms of the choice of woods and finishes. In leveling the frets Plek technology is employed.


Basic features of the models are:


  • The innovative Suhr Modern is our high-performance take on the 24 fret design. From the speed and precision of Fusion to the pounding rhythms of Metal, the Modern is designed to deliver on every level.
  • With its sleek elliptical neck profile, balanced asymmetrical body, and innovative neck heel, the Modern delivers unmatched playability and comfort. Top quality wood selection and lustrous finishes make the Modern as stunning to look at as it is to play.
  • Quality tonewoods and Suhr pickups ensure the Modern is never short on tone. If the ultimate in performance and beauty is what you are after, look no further than the Suhr Modern.
  • The thick, sustaining sound of the set-neck electric guitar has helped define Rock music for half a century. The set-in neck joint produces a warm, singing tone and facilitates easier access to the upper frets.


  • From the moment you pick it up, the Suhr Standard comes alive in your hands as it takes this popular shape to new levels of refinement and versatility.
  • Essentially a scaled down version of the Classic, the Standard takes on its own unique identity with an optional figured top, crisp body contours and a side input jack. The Standard is capable of producing a wide range of tones from vintage chime to modern crunch.
  • Designed for players wanting traditional classic sounds with added versatility, the Standard can be equipped for nearly any occasion.
  • Standard Carve Top: A deluxe version of the Standard with the addition of a stunning ┬ż” carved Maple top. The thickness of the Maple top adds brilliance and punch to the tone.
  • Standard Arch Top: A deluxe version of the Standard with the addition of a tuned 3/4” carved top laid on a chambered body. This option produces a warm, mellow tone, well suited to jazz.


  • The Suhr Classic is a nod to the iconic double cutaway shape that has embodied Rock and Blues music for decades. The Classic retains this vintage vibe while adding modern improvements to meet the needs of today’s players.
  • The improved headstock design enhances tuning stability, eliminating the need for a string tree. The optional side input jack moves the instrument cable out of the way for effortless tremolo use. Frets are Plek leveled and hand dressed for superior playability.
  • From vintage quack to grinding blues to soaring lead tones, the Suhr Classic delivers every time.
  • Posibilidad de jack lateral o frontal.

Classic T:

  • The Suhr Classic T evokes the electric guitar that started it all. Digitized from an original '52 slab body, the Classic T combines legendary design with modern improvements.
  • Frets are Plek leveled and hand dressed for superior playability. The optional body contours improve player comfort while also reducing weight. The improved headstock design enhances tuning stability, eliminating the need for a string tree.
  • The combination of quality tonewoods and Suhr pickups give the Classic T a familiar voice. From Classic Twang to rowdy Rock & Roll, the Classic T is a crowd pleaser that will never go out of style.
  • Chambering: This feature is available on all models. Body ´╗┐chambering not only reduces weight but also adds sweetness to the highs, and warmth to the lows. We can chamber any wood combination and also add an F-hole or Cat's Eye.


We have developed a finishing process that provides an unparalleled combination of protection, beauty, and tone. Great care is taken to ensure that the thinnest possible layers of finish are applied. This allows the wood to resonate freely while still providing ample protection. Our state of the art equipment, experienced staff and uncompromising quality control ensures that no instrument leaves our facility until it meets our demanding finishing standards.

Our standard polyester finish is extremely durable and accentuates the luster and brilliance of our top woods and colors. We also offer a "Thin Skin" urethane option for those who prefer a more “vintage” look and feel. Our necks are satin finished in acrylic urethane which provides the smooth feel of natural wood as well as protection from moisture.

Frost finish: Since the 1950's, California car culture has heavily influenced guitar finishes. The Frost series is our take on the current "Matte finish" trend. This finish has an uneven, textured surface which deflects light at different angles, causing it to appear matte. Never satisfied with the norm, we developed a custom combination of matte and pearlescent paints to create an entirely new optical effect - "where matte meets shimmer."

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