Our Pro Series guitars represent our most popular custom configurations. These instruments feature custom appointments such as: roasted maple neck, nitrocellulose finish, stainless steel frets, and suhr locking tuners... all without the custom wait time. Each Pro Series guitar is manufactured alongside our custom guitars at our facility in Lake Elsinore, CA using the finest materials, latest technology, skilled master craftsmen, and stringent quality control.

The current catalog of Suhr Guitars offers a choice of six different models for their Pro guitars These models are: Frost Modern, Modern Satin, Antique Classique, Classique T, Modern Pro and Pro Standard. Each model has its own characteristics in story to the wood used and finishes available. In all models, fret leveling is done by Plek technology.

Modern Frost

Since the 1950's, California car culture has heavily influenced guitar finishes. The Frost series is our take on the current "Matte finish" trend. This finish has an uneven, textured surface which deflects light at different angles, causing it to appear matte. Never satisfied with the norm, we developed a custom combination of matte and pearlescent paints to create an entirely new optical effect - "where matte meets shimmer."

The Modern body shape, 24 stainless steel frets, Gotoh 510 bridge and Hipshot locking tuners equip the Modern Frost™ to be sleek and stable. The nickel-chrome appointments serve to accentuate the Frost finish. The combination of SSV & SSH+ pickups produces versatile tones. From high gain solos, to warm clean rhythms, and everything in between, the Modern Frost™ defies genre.

The Alder body produces clear, full-bodied sounds with beefy mids and excellent lows. The Maple neck lends stability, is strong in the midrange and has a sweet spanky high end. The Pau Ferro fingerboard adds percussive attack with excellent clarity to complete this versatile instrument.

Modern Satin

There are many reasons to love African Mahogany - it is beautiful, it sounds great, and is lightweight. The Modern Satin was created to celebrate the sound and beauty of this tonewood. These guitars feature a transparent satin finish which displays the natural beauty of the African Mahogany.

The thin layer of satin finish also allows the neck and body to resonate freely, producing warm, lively tones that project loud and clear. These choice tonewoods work in harmony with our JST pickups to produce a wide array of tones.

Classique Antique

Our customers asked for an instrument that had a vintage look and feel, but did not sacrifice playability and tone. Enter the Classic Antique™. We designed this guitar to ensure it preserved the spirit of a vintage instrument while performing like a Suhr.

Impeccable craftsmanship and attention to detail ensure that every neck pocket is tight, every fret is perfectly dressed, and that each instrument plays its best before leaving our facility. The nitro-cellulose lacquer finish and our proprietary antiquing process make each Classic Antique™ feel like it has been loved for years.

The Roasted Maple neck provides increased neck stability in various climates. Heavy nickel frets and 9-12" compound radius improve playability by making the neck equally comfortable for chording and string bending.

Classique Antique T

In the spirit of the original, the Classic T Antique™ was developed to meet the demands of players who asked for an instrument that preserves classic tone and design, while improving on the limitations of vintage instruments. The T style guitar has long been the go-to workhorse for many guitarists. The new Classic T Antique™ propels this design to new heights by blending the best of the old and new schools, in a design that will make you re-think what is possible.

Every Classic T Antique is built with impeccable craftsmanship and attention to detail to ensure that every neck pocket is tight, every fret is perfectly dressed, and each instrument plays its best before leaving our facility. The antiqued Nitro-cellulose lacquer finish allows the Swamp Ash body to resonate freely and feel like it has been loved for years. The Even C medium neck profile, medium stainless steel frets, and 9-12" compound fingerboard radius improve upon the playability of vintage instruments, resulting in a neck that is equally comfortable for chording and soloing.

Modern Pro

At Suhr we believe that great instruments inspire great performances. Every detail of the Modern Pro was carefully considered as we set out to craft an instrument that lives up to this belief. The Modern shape is our high-performance take on the 24 fret design.

The sleek elliptical neck profile, balanced asymmetrical body, and innovative neck heel deliver unmatched playability and comfort. The stunning Flame Maple top, set off by the scraped binding, is paired with a Basswood body and is available in a variety of transparent finishes that have been developed to enhance the Flame Maple’s natural beauty.

The combination of SSV, SSH+ and available ML pickups offer vintage warmth in the neck position, high output punch with fat harmonics in the bridge position, and balanced sparkle in the middle position.

Pro Standard

Whether on stage or hanging on the wall, the Standard Pro is designed to inspire. From the moment you pick it up, the Standard Pro comes alive in your hands. The scraped binding, white pearl pickguard, crisp body contours and side input jack take this popular body shape to new levels of refinement and versatility.

The stunning Flame Maple top is paired with a Basswood body and finished in a variety of transparent colors that have been developed to enhance the natural beauty of Flame Maple.

The Gotoh 510TS-FE1 bridge, The combination of ML and SSH+ pickups offer balanced sparkle in the neck and middle positions, high output punch with fat harmonics in the bridge position and chimey quack in the combo positions.

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